Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'm very behind on reviews and I've only been posting about one a week.  Since moving into our home, we still don't have our broadband internet.  We ordered it on August 22 and we are still waiting.  We just got our phone line installed last week.  So weird!  I don't know why it takes so long here, but I'm working off of a mobile broadband card and I only have 2GB for the entire month and it is almost gone so I'm trying to conserve.  I'm hoping to be posting more regularly once my home internet is installed.


  1. First--congrats on the move! Second--I hope you get your internet hooked up soon! I haven't had a chance to be online much--other than publishing scheduled posts--but I know how frustrating not having internet can be!

  2. Trish--thanks! I hope we get our internet soon as well. I have several that are ready, but I can't upload the photos of the covers because of our limited internet access. So frustrating! Hopefully next week.