Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oliver Twist Readalong at A Literary Odyssey

I've enjoyed everything I've read by Dickens so far, and I've been wanting to read Oliver Twist forever.  I finally bought a copy last month.  So when I saw Allie at A Literary Odyssey post about an Oliver Twist Readalong, I knew I had to join in.  Below are the details from her website.

Here is the reading schedule I have planned out, based on the edition I own (I will be reading from the Penguin cloth bound classic, which has 455 pages divided into three books). I should note that because the book is divided into three "books" I decided to do three posting periods. If there is huge public outcry against this, I will change it.
  • Post 1 will go up on February 10th (Monday) and will cover Book 1 (roughly 180 pages-the longest section)
  • Post 2 will go up on February 19th (Wednesday) and will cover Book 2 (roughly 120 pages)
  • Post 3 will go up on February 28th (Monday) and will cover Book 3 (roughly 140 pages)
That morning I will put up a post with my thoughts and feelings about the section we're posting on. If you are participating, all you have to do is leave a comment with a link to your post so I can link them up here! I do not require participants to go read everyone else's post, but it is always encouraged! After all, the point of a readalong is to see what everyone else makes of the same book and discuss it.

In addition, she is giving away a beautiful clothbound Penguin Edition of Oliver Twist to one individual, selected from those who sign-up for the readalong.  Visit A Literary Odyssey for more of the details.


  1. Oh, I'm kind of bummed this is during February! I would LOVE to readalong Oliver Twist but will be doing Ulysses that month and am not insane enough to read them both at same time. ;)

    Enjoy!!! And that Penguin edition is lovely.

  2. Trish--I completely understand! I've heard that Ulysses is really difficult, so I can see why you wouldn't want to commit to anything else. Good luck with Ulysses. I'm really looking forward to following that readalong. Maybe if everyone enjoys it, I'll take the plunge and read it later in the year.

  3. Good luck with the read-a-long. Oliver Twist is currently sitting in my TBR pile, but I finished Great Expectations earlier this month so I'm saving it for later... I'm really looking forward to it, though, and I can't wait to hear what you think. :)

  4. Darlyn--Thanks! I can understand not wanting to read Dickens back to back. His writing isn't the easiest to get through--at least not for me.

    I really enjoyed Great Expectations when I read it a few years ago. 'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it.