Friday, December 3, 2010

The Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis

The Silver Chair

by C. S. Lewis
published 1953
completed December 2010

My feverish pace through The Chronicles of Narnia continues with The Silver Chair. Eustace Stubbs, the cousin of the Pevensie children, is at the Experiment House, a school overwhelmed by bullies.  Eustace approaches Jill, another victim, and he tells her of Narnia and together they ask for Aslan's help.  The find a door and enter in an attempt to hide from the bullies and find themselves on a cliff.  Jill is given a quest by Aslan to find Prince Rilian.

I love the new Eustace.  He is brave and compassionate.  His transformation is incredibly from the grouchy, selfish little boy at the beginning of The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader".  The dynamic between he and Jill keeps things interesting as they bicker, but Eustace also is very protective of her.  Along their journey they meet a Marsh-Wiggle named Puddleglum.  The glum part of his name is appropriate as his is a rather pessimistic fellow, and as such, surprisingly entertaining.

The traveling on the quest was a bit of a slog, but once they reached the city of giants, the pace picked up. Jill's interaction with Aslan was my favorite part.  I love how he had so much patience with her.  She continue to forget the signs, which made it more difficult for her, but there was always another way provided.  He never gave up on her and continually gave her the chance to prove herself, and she ultimately did.

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  1. I have not read this in FOREVER, but it was definitely my favorite of the series, I think. I really need to reread all of them, it's been like 10 years.