Monday, December 13, 2010

War and Peace Readalong

I'm only about halfway through Anna Karenina, and I'm ready to punish myself with more Tolstoy.  I'm joking about the punishing part.  It's just the length that makes his books so daunting.  I have really enjoyed Anna Karenina so when Allie at A Literary Odyssey posted about her War and Peace Readalong, I knew I couldn't pass it up.  This will take place between January and February and will have four check-in dates.

The following is the schedule that Allie posted on her blog:

January 15, 2011: The first check-in will focus on volume 1. In my edition it is about 295 pages.
January 31, 2011: The second check-in will focus on volume 2. In my edition it is about 306 pages.
February 12, 2011: The third check-in will focus on volume 3. In my edition it is about 332 pages (the longest section).
February 28, 2011: The fourth check-in will cover volume 4 and the 2-part epilogue. These sections are about 282 pages in my edition.

Am I crazy for doing this?  Probably.  If you're not interested in War and Peace, you might find another of Allie's readalongs in which to participate.  She will be hosting six two-month readalongs and twelve one-month readalongs.  I've only participated in one readalong, but I found it to be a great way to tackle intimidating books.


  1. Ha! I thought about doing a readalong of War and Peace next year but glad Allie beat me to the punch so I don't have to follow through. You are crazy but I've heard great things. I'm sure you'll enjoy. ;)

  2. Trish--Sorry for taking so long to respond! I've been down with the flu. I am a little nuts for doing this but I have a feeling it will be easier than Ulysses. :) Are you still going to do the Ulysses readalong this year?